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Environment and Ecology

a) Caution of use, handling and application

AGROSTEMIN is completely safe, without any danger for animals or human beings.

Cautions of use

Since the product is of microfine consistence, it has to be handled the same way as any powder of similar characteristics. Neither the product nor its packing deserve special attention, since they do not represent any risk.

Signs and symptoms of intoxication

Given the products chemical characteristics and natural origin of its elements, there is no risk of intoxication by exposure neither for human beings nor animals. None of the tests performed have shown any alteration of or other effects on the central nervous system.

First Aid

There is no risk of skin exposure to the product, which can be removed by application of pure water. Inhalation of the product does not represent any risk, it might cause just light indisposition similar to that caused by the inhalation of any other microfine powder. Accidental ingestion of the product does not require special attention.

Medical treatment of intoxicated

The product does not cause any type of intoxication, medical treatment for persons exposed to the product is not necessary.


b) Ecological Information

Persistence and alteration of the product in soil, water and air

Given the natural origin of AGROSTEMIN, its residues do not represent any danger or cause any damages to the soil, the water or the air.

Effects on terrestrial flora and fauna

In the case of terrestrial flora and given the proper characteristics of the product, substantial increase of the plant's vital processes have been observed. The product favours germination of the plants, influences the growth of roots and leafs, activates blooming etc.

None of the tests performed with fowl and farm animals showed signs of poisoning or alterations of any type, even if the dose and time of exposure and observation were increased.

Effects of aquatic fauna and flora

The effects on aquatic flora were similar to the ones observed on terrestrial flora.

None of the tests performed with any type of fishes showed signs of poisoning or alterations of any type, even if the dose and time of exposure and observation were increased.

Natural process and product decay

Following the instructions for storage the products life cycle is ten years as of the  elaboration date.  Due to the natural origin of the components of the product, at the end of its life many of the same loose their properties and it becomes inert material.

Information about toxicity to beneficent insects

Diverse organisms have been exposed to different doses of the product, with the dose being increased proportional to the body mass of the organism. Absolutely no signs of intoxication or any type of effects or reactions nor genetic alterations have been observed.

Information about product mobility and disposal of empty packing

The product's consistence is of microfine powder, therefore it has to be protected from humidity at storing to prevent its decay.

Given the proper packing conditions, for storage the same basic precautions apply as for any other powder of similar characteristics.

The product is packed in paper envelopes and carton boxes, none of them requiring special handling of any type. After use the packing material can be 100% recycled.

Emergency plan, decontamination methods in case of spilling, leakage, fire or explosion

Given the fact that AGROSTEMIN is a product of natural origin, it does not cause any damage or danger by handling, transportation or application. It is non flammable and does not represent any explosive risk. The surfaces that have been exposed to the product may be cleaned with plain water.

Technology and Ecology in Harmony

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