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Highest Decoration
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), agency of the United Nations, awarded the work of Dr. Danica Gajic and AGROSTEMIN with the highest decoration in the year of 1987.


AGROSTEMIN is a natural bioregulator of vegetal origin, developed in Yugoslavia as a result of Dr. Danica Gajic's work with the Agrostemma Githago and other plants.

From the chemical point of view, AGROSTEMIN is a blend of aminoacids of natural origin and other organic components like tryptophan, adenine, folic acid, allantoin etc.

AGROSTEMIN is of broad use for the agricultural sector, it can be applied efficiently and with major benefits to a  broad variety of cultivations.

Since AGROSTEMIN is considered to be a biologically stimulating substance, its effects depend among other factors directly on the biological characteristics of the species to which it is applied.

For species with a slow and uneven growth of sprouts, for example pepper, carrots and onion, or for those with seeds of  low biologic development, the application of AGROSTEMIN results in a huge and significant benefit as the plants produce more sprouts in less time and show a more intense vegetal development.

For the species grown in nurseries, it is specially important to apply AGROSTEMIN during the period of leaf growth and vegetal development. This results in faster overall growth, more intense color of the leafs (more chlorophyll) and better performance of the photosynthetic functions.

For species that grow directly from seeds, the application of AGROSTEMIN has a major effect during the period of leaf growth and at the beginning of blooming or blossoming, when the fruits begin to develop.

Keeping in mind the stimulating effects of AGROSTEMIN, the best time to apply it would be 10 to 15 days after planting has been done, and on cultivations of multiple harvests during the first harvest, because the stimulating effect reestablishes the plants and extends their growing period, specially of those which have been damaged by harvesting, elementary natural disaster or any extreme condition.

In optimum control conditions as exist in the hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses (cultivation without soil), the application of AGROSTEMIN is of special importance. Biostimulating products like AGROSTEMIN are an important factor to increase remarkably the production.

In any case, it is vital to know the normal conditions of the biologic species growing process and development, where the product will be applied. This is the basis for correct use and obtaining positive results.

Besides, it is essential to improve the physical-chemical conditions of the soil, because the plant will require more nutrients available if a stimulant like AGROSTEMIN is to be applied.


Independent research has demonstrated that the application of AGROSTEMIN has important effects on the cultivations, generating a faster and better germination, sprouts appear in less time, roots and bulbs grow with more strength.

The application of AGROSTEMIN directly to the seed or during the development of the first leafs increases considerably growth of the root system, leaf surface and stimulates the production of  buds. If it is applied to the seeds, AGROSTEMIN reduces considerably its vegetative period.

Applied to vegetables like spinach or beet, the result is a higher quantity of bigger leafs with less dry material. With beans it increases the number of  pods by direct stimulation of the fecundation mechanism in order to obtain more fertile ovaries. At the same time AGROSTEMIN strengthens the plant and gives it the necessary elements to be able to bear a higher reproductive charge.

Improve your crops quality and quantity.

Apply AGROSTEMIN to your
cultivations and obtain:


Faster and more complete germination. Faster appearance of sprouts..


More developed, voluminous and longer roots.


Stems of major diameter, resulting in stronger and more resistant plants.


Leafs of major surface, intense color and better performance of the photosynthetic function.

but specially:


A higher harvest yield in weight per soil area treated with AGROSTEMIN

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