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Universidad de Biotecnología Tapachula, Chiapas MEXICO

Finca "San Enrique" Suchiate, Chiapas May 1999

Remarkable increase on the growth of the root of Banana Colón (Gran Enano). Plots treated with AGROSTEMIN, showed an increase on the development of the new main roots of up to 162%, which also showed up to 50% more healthy roots.

City Council of Guadalajara, Jalisco MEXICO June 1999

Application in the municipal nursery DEAN to the following species: Myrtle, Guava, Thunder, Lemons (Sn. José de la Montaña), Roses and chrysanthemum.

15 days thereafter, the following characteristics were noted: More intense color of the leaves, healthier leaves and a better morphological development, increase of the number of sprouts and buds, higher plants and better nourished (up to 10 cm higher than the witness cultivations).

WAC Seeds Matamoros, Tamaulipas MEXICO October 1999

Germination tests were performed to corn and sorghum seeds. Measurable results were obtained  48 hours after the application of the product. A 30% increase on the number of germinated seeds was obtained in comparison with the witness lot.

AGROSEM Santiago de Ixcuincla, Nayarit MEXICO (1998-1999)

The product was applied to jalapeño chili cultivations. The cultivation treated with AGROSTEMIN showed more uniform fruits and an increase of up to 30% on the number and bindings, compared to the witness lot.

Property of Mr. Julio Ceja Gudiño Zamora, Michoacán MEXICO September 1999

The product was applied to strawberry cultivations, 9 to 15 days after the plantation. After the first treatment an increase of up to 60% in the radicle system was noted.

The product was applied for the second time 30 days thereafter and as a result a greater vegetal development of up to 50% was obtained. The blooming was 20 days earlier and the number of flowers increased 400%, compared to the witness lot.

Ejido Loreto Mr. Jesús Avila Méndez La Barca, Jalisco MEXICO  (1998-1999)

AGROSTEMIN was applied to wheat cultivations and as a result an increase of 90% was obtained on the harvest, compared to the witness lot.

Municipal Delegation San Francisco de Asis Atototonilco El Alto, Jalisco MEXICO (1997)

AGROSTEMIN was applied to Blue Agave cultivations. A remarkable improvement on the appearance, uniformity, color and vegetal development of the pine (47%) was obtained, compared with the witness lot. It is also remarkable the increase on the resistance to natural sicknesses of this type of cultivation.

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