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Improve your harvest.
Use AGROSTEMIN and obtain higher quality and quantity in your harvests.
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YUMEX ZEMUN, S.A. de C.V. is the exclusive commercializer and distributor of the natural bioregulator AGROSTEMIN for the whole American continent.
Table of Contents (TOC)

Natural Bioregulators, origin of AGROSTEMIN, benefits of the products and general information.


There is a variety of specific AGROSTEMIN for every type of cultivation which maximizes its development

technical information

Technical information, product specifications, physical and biochemical characteristics. Toxicology. National and International certification and approvals.

ecology and environment

Handling, application guide and precautions.
Environmental impact.


Studies performed by research centers. Application testimonies.


Technical assistance and customer service. Request of additional information. Commercialization and distribution.


Technology and Ecology in Harmony  

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